Orange Creamsicle THCa Flower

  • $50.00

Orange Creamsicle is a delightful and flavorful sativa strain that captures the essence of its namesake frozen treat. A cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, this strain boasts a citrusy and sweet flavor profile alongside a well-balanced and uplifting high.

The buds of Orange Creamsicle showcase a vivid display of orange and green, often accompanied by a generous coat of trichomes. The visual appeal sets the stage for the strain's enticing aroma.

Breaking open the buds releases a burst of citrus goodness, reminiscent of ripe oranges with a creamy undertone. The flavor profile follows suit, offering a smooth and delectable smoke that lingers on the palate.

Orange Creamsicle induces a euphoric and energizing high that uplifts the spirits and promotes a sense of happiness. The balanced hybrid effects make it suitable for various occasions, from socializing to creative endeavors.

Orange Creamsicle stands as a visually appealing and flavorful strain, providing a delightful combination of citrus sweetness and a balanced high. Whether seeking a mood lift or a tasty experience, Orange Creamsicle is sure to satisfy the senses.