Banana Milk THCa Flower

  • $50.00
Banana Milk is a delightful indica-dominant hybrid strain celebrated for its unique combination of sweet banana flavors and a smooth, calming high. Created through a careful crossbreeding of Banana OG and an unknown indica strain, this hybrid delivers a distinctive and enjoyable experience.

The buds of Banana Milk are characterized by a lush green hue, often complemented by vibrant orange pistils and a generous dusting of trichomes. The visual appeal sets the stage for the strain's enticing aromatic profile.

Breaking open the buds releases a sweet and fruity fragrance reminiscent of ripe bananas with a subtle creaminess, resembling a banana milkshake. The flavor profile follows suit, offering a smooth and enjoyable smoking or vaping experience.

Upon consumption, Banana Milk induces a relaxing and euphoric high that gently washes over the body and mind. The indica dominance of the strain makes it well-suited for evening use or when seeking stress relief and tranquility without overwhelming sedation.

Banana Milk stands out as a visually appealing and flavorful strain, offering a unique blend of banana sweetness and a soothing indica experience. Whether for recreational enjoyment or therapeutic benefits, Banana Milk is sure to charm those seeking a relaxed and flavorful encounter.