Why CBD Gummies Are the Best Way To Take CBD

CBD offers several different wellness benefits. Finding the right way to take this natural product helps you to get into a routine that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

The CBD gummy is the most popular CBD formulation on the market today. At CannaNums, we offer affordable CBD gummies that are ideal for increasing relaxation, naturally reducing discomfort, and helping you get a good night's sleep.

We have the most affordable, high-quality CBD gummies in Phoenix and, well, Nationwide! But, more important than that, we offer an exceptional variety of flavors: cherry, pineapple, watermelon, apple, grape, raspberry, blueberry, and the tart and sweet flavor of pomegranate.

Why Our CBD Gummies are a Great Choice 

Whether you are choosing an assorted option or one of our classic flavors in CBD gummies, you will find one of the best-tasting ways to use CBD. Our gummies are made from the best quality ingredients, as well as the best CBD extract. This ensures that every order you place with Canna Nums will provide fresh, chewy, delicious gummies that are perfect for adding a tasty addition to your evening wellness routine.

How to Take CBD Gummies 

Taking Canna Nums CBD gummies for relaxation and pain is very simple. However, we recommend starting out with a low dosage, mainly if you are new to the use of CBD. Each of our gummies contains 50mg of CBD for precise dosing.

Keep in mind CBD does not result in any psychoactive effects. Instead, the CBD binds with the receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system to gently release stress and tension while also helping the body prepare for sleep. Start with one of our CBD gummies for pain and relaxation. You can also increase or decrease the dosage as needed. Most people find that taking CBD gummies to relax one or two times in the evening, an hour or so before bed, helps them drift off to a great night's sleep.

For assistance with your order or to find out more about our selection of the best CBD gummies in Phoenix, reach us online or give us a call at 916-256-3550.